Salsa For Beginners

Learn Salsa in Amsterdam! The style of Salsa we teach is called Mambo On2; it is a smooth, stylish form of dancing, with roots in Puerto Rico and New York.

Join our upcoming Absolute Beginners course, starting in November. No partner or previous experience required. 

Want to try before committing? Join our Absolute Beginners Try Out class for only €5 on Wednesday 2nd November 19:00.

Dress comfortably; you can dance in socks or smooth sole shoes. Sneakers are not ideal, they tend to grip the floor. 

Everyone was Once a beginner.

Each person’s dance journey looks different but EVERY dancer was once a beginner, just like you. Learning to dance is fun and healthy but it also requires time and dedication. The more you practice, the quicker you will see improvements!

Salsa is social and interactive. First you will learn to dance solo, by connecting to your body and the music. This allows you to then communicate and connect with a dance partner and start sharing memorable dances together!

Beginners SALSA