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“Salsa” is a broad term used to describe a family of Afro-Latin rhythms and dances. The partner dance you may commonly know as Salsa, has various styles that originate from different parts of Latin and North America. Learning to dance Salsa is like learning a new language, therefore it’s important to distinguish one style from another. 

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Mambo On2

Mambo On2 is the primary style of "Salsa" taught at Oropuro, characterised by smooth partnerwork and a strong "breaking-count" on the second beat of the music. The style draws influence from New York, Puerto Rico and Cuba. We teach Mambo On2 for all levels, including Absolute Beginners and Advanced dancers.

Cha Cha Cha

A groovy and rhythmical dance of Cuban origin. Danced "On2", Cha Cha Cha incorporates a syncopated triple-step (which gave the dance it's name) and funky body movement. This style is best suited to dancers who already have a foundation in Mambo/Salsa.


This unique style is typically danced to Charanga music, however modern Pachanga is also danced to Latin Funk or Soul music. A specific bend and stretch motion of the knees and foot gliding are characteristic of this upbeat dance. Pachanga is something groovy to add to your Salsa repertoire. Our instructor Rodolfo will be your expert guide!

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Absolute Beginner

No previous experience required, just enthusiasm and willingness to learn! Also recommended for people who have basic experience at another dance school.

Beginners Progression 1.

Recommended for people who have completed our Absolute Beginners Course or have at least 1 year of experience dancing On1. This course is suitable for dancers switching to On2.

Beginners Progression 2.

A continuation of the previous course, expanding into Mambo footwork, travelling turns and simple partnerwork combinations. This course is suitable for dancers switching to On2.


Recommended for dancers with a solid On2 foundation including turn patterns, both (solo and partnered) and Mambo footwork. If you can comfortably dance socially On2 then this class is for you


You have multiples years of experience dancing Mambo On2 and are looking for exciting and challenging partnerwork combinations to add to your repertoire.

What's the difference?

Mambo on2 / Salsa on1

If you are part of the Salsa community, you may be familiar with terms like “On2” and “On1′ or “in-line.” Perhaps at a Salsa party you’ve noticed people dancing different styles or accenting different counts?

The primary styles you may be seeing are Salsa On1 and Mambo On2. Both of theses styles are danced “in-line” as apposed to Cuban styles which use circular patterns. 

Salsa On1 is based on a style from Los Angeles (founded by the Vasquez Brothers) called L.A Style. The dominant count in this style is count 1, or the first beat of the music. L.A Style is sharper and danced with bigger steps, using more space. 

Some Cuban Salsa styles also use count 1 as the breaking count. Cuban Salsa typically uses round patterns and configurations. 

Mambo On2 is danced closer together, with smaller steps, focus on cadence and emphasis on the second beat of the music, hence the name “On 2.” Although many dancers and musicians have influenced Mambo On2, Eddie Torres (New York) is commonly known as the dancer who solidified New York Style Mambo. Other prominent dancers from Cuba and Puerto Rico have influenced “On2” or “contratempo” style salsa. 

As with everything, the dance continues to evolve. At Oropuro we refer to Salsa as Mambo On2 because this is the fundamental style we teach.

Are you wanting to make the switch from On1 to On2?

Our Beginners Progression Course is for you!