Weekly Schedule at Oropuro

For fantastic Salsa dance classes in Amsterdam, look no further than Oropuro Dance Community! Our weekly schedule below offers a variety of levels and styles with professional and experienced instructors.

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Try Out Week takes places 5th – 7th February. Scroll to Try Out Week in the schedule below and join a class for only €5.00!

Taking your first Salsa steps?

We start Absolute Beginners courses a few times per year. Next course begins Wednesday 7th February, details hereSign up for our monthly Newsletter or follow us on Social Media to stay updated about future events and courses

SALSA / Mambo on2

Mambo On2 is a smooth style of Salsa with roots in Puerto Rico, Cuba and New York City. Our instructors are specialists of this style and teach it with care and passion! Mambo On2 has a distinct "breaking step" forward on the second beat of the music.

Cha cha cha

The name "Cha-Cha-Cha" is derived from the sound of dancers' feet as they perform the quick triple step that gives the dance its distinct rhythm. This style is groovy & musical and can be danced solo or in couple.


To enrich your dance journey, we include various specialty classes into the schedule that supplement your learning. Examples include Body Awareness & Pachanga.
Salsa Dance Classes Amsterdam