Woman wearing sweater

Don't Hibernate This Winter... Here's Why!

Do you experience lower energy or a lack of motivation during the dark, cold months? You are not alone! Luckily, moving your body and connecting with people can help to chase away the winter blues. Here are our top reasons to get off the couch and into a Salsa class this season:

Reduce Seasonal Blues:

Dancing releases endorphins, the “feel-good” hormones, which can help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Warm Up from the Inside Out:

Dancing is an enjoyable way to generate body heat, helping you stay warmer for longer periods in chilly temperatures.

Dance Hugs:

A warm embrace or a high five from a dance peer can instantly lift your mood, plus respectful, physical contact while social dancing can help us feel connected to other people. Looking for a place to social dance? Check out our monthly Salsa social!

Statistically Happier:

Studies reveal that a brisk bike ride in winter can make you happier and healthier, so don’t let the weather stop you; throw on your coat and ride to dance class for an extra mood boost!

Escape Cabin Fever:

Sure, a few evenings on the couch are cozy but eventually weeks indoors can be frustrating! Salsa dancing and music can help you escape the monotony of winter and keep your body and mind stimulated.

Sleep Tight:

Dancing (exercise) can relieve stress, reset your circadian clock, improve the duration and quality of your sleep, making you less likely to spend time in bed staring at the ceiling.

Feel Connected:

Loneliness is a common experience which can be even more prevalent in the cold months or amongst people with no family nearby. Oropuro Dance Community is a place for you to build and enjoy connection all year long!

Your physical and mental health are important. Reach out for support if you’re feeling low or overwhelmed, stay connected to your dance community and keep dancing 🙂