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Dance & music at Oropuro

Mambo on2

A solo and partner dance, sometimes known as Salsa On2. From Cuba and Puerto Rico to New York City and Milan, Mambo is enjoyed across the world! This style is the foundation for many other styles offer at Oropuro.

Levels: Beginner | Open Adv.

Cha cha cha

A groovy and rhythmical dance, solo or partnered. Danced “On2”, Cha Cha Cha incorporates quick, syncopated steps and funky body movement. A challenge and a good time! For Dancers who already have a foundation in Mambo/Salsa.

Level: Open Adv.


This unique style is typically danced to Charanga music, however modern Pachanaga is also danced to latin funk or soul. A specific bend and stretch motion of the knees characterises this upbeat dance. Our instructor Rodolfo will be your expert guide!

Level: Open Adv.


There is no dance without music. Being able to identify and interpret various rhythms, instrumentation and musical genres will hugely improve your dancing and enjoyment! This is one of our most popular courses. 

Level: Open

Cachevere Open Session

Cachevere is our semi-professional Afro-Latin dance team. Experience what it’s like to train with Cachevere during our Open Sessions. This is 2 hour session, including a full warm-up and cool down.

Level: Open Adv.


We offer a blend of traditional and modern Bachata, as both solo and partnerwork. With the rise of popular Bachata music, this style is danced at socials all over the world.

Level: Open Adv.

Jam session

Follow along as we groove together, improving stamina, memory and style. All On2 styles can be included in this Jam!

Level: Open Adv.

Salsa socials, workshops, corporate events, performances and more!




Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, rhythms such as bolero, son, danzon and cumbia were the staples of Rodolfo’s childhood. In his teens, Rodolfo devoted himself to Hapkido, a Korean martial art, but at the end of the ‘90s, as the salsa craze was sweeping South America, he realized he could turn his childhood passion for dance into a profession and found his true vocation as a dancer, performer and choreographer.  Rodolfo introduced Mambo or ‘on2’ and cross-body style salsa to Chile before departing for Europe in 2008. Professionally, he has performed and instructed across Europe since his arrival. Rodolfo is also a certified personal trainer with a deep understanding of the body’s role in not only physical, but also mental well-being.



Born and raised in South Africa, Kai found her love for dance at the age of 4 in a ballet class. She was trained in classical ballet, modern and tap dance for over 15 years. After graduating high school, Kai became a soloist with Break-Thru Dance Company. During her 3,5 years with BTDC, Kai became well versed in various dance styles including afro-contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and also began to explore her own creativity. In 2010 Kai became a top 10 finalist on the hit television series “So You Think You Can Dance?” South Africa, where she appeared on national television. In 2014, Kai made the move to Europe and after meeting Rodolfo in 2017, she made a stylistic shift towards Afro-latin dance. As a South African, Kai feels deeply connected to African movement and rhythms. She has a degree in design and is a certified bodywork practitioner, bringing her somatic knowledge into her dancing and teaching practices.


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