Dancing feet

Salsa Shoes: Find the perfect fit.

Salsa shoes will prevent injury and give you a more pleasant dance experience. So where should you start?

Salsa shoes often have a suede sole, providing the optimal balance of slip and grip. We’ll explore some budget friendly options as well as high quality, professional dance shoes that can be purchased locally or online.

(Danswinkel is the local dance wear store in Amsterdam. Oropuro Dance Community students receive a 10% discount at the physical store and the assistants are very helpful.)

Dutch Salsa Socks

This local company produces comfortable dancing socks (yes, socks) with a suede sole. Great for practicing at home or in class.

ca. €19,99

Dutch Salsa Sock


Starter | Budget Friendly

These soft, flexible shoes are a great starting point for any student and can be worn in class or at socials.

Canvas Jazz Shoes 

Price Range €20 – €40 

Leather Jazz Splitsole 

Price Range €37 – €50


Fashion | Salsa Sneaker

Trendy looking sneakers with dance specific soles. Although these soles are rubber, it’s not deal to wear them outdoors; rather keep them for the dance floor.

Price range €70 – €120

Salsa Sneaker


Practice | Cuban Heel

A cuban heel is about 3,5 – 5cm high with a tapered block shape, providing stability and support. Suitable for men and women. The suede sole is perfect for Salsa dancing. These practice shoes come in suede, leather, nubuck or neoprene and can have a solid or spitsole.

Price range €110 – €140

Cuban Heel


Step Out | Formal Shoe

Hand crafted leather shoes with suede soles are an elegant and luxurious option, typically for men. A pair of well made shoes could last a few years, depending on how frequently you dance.

Price range €115 – €180

Leather Shoe


High Heel

A high heel is not a prerequisite to dance Salsa, however if you would like to dance in a high heel, professional dance heels range in height from 5 – 10cm. A safe starting height is 6 / 7cm. The heel can be flared, tapered or stiletto; the slimmer the heel, the more wobbly you may feel wearing them.

Price Range €110- €180

Salsa Heel

Salsa shoes come in a range of fun designs, colours and may be decorated with rhinestone. Sandals and boots are available from leading shoes brands such as Portdance, Rummos, Burju, Ermes, & Dancin.

A high heel should always fit snugly and it’s a good idea to buy silicone heel protectors to cover the tips of the heel.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles on fitting latin heels and strengthen your feet and ankles.