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Top Tips to Help You Remember Dance Steps

A calm, clear mind may absorb information better. Take a look at our article on “best habits to foster focus” for a dance class.

This is a common tool used to study large amounts of information. Breaking content down into smaller chunks makes it easier to remember. Use chunking by splitting choreography into smaller sections and practice the sections separately.

Create Connections.

Once you’ve learnt chunks of choreography, find memorable ways to link them together and practice transitioning from one section into the next.

Count Aloud.

Dancers use counts to arrange steps correctly to the music. Don’t just leave the counting to your teacher! Count aloud as you learn combinations and ask questions if you don’t understand the counts.

Use Sound Effects.

This is a favourite of ours! Create your own sound effects to enhance the steps you are learning; think “boom, hah, zing, pow, tak-tak!” This way you can learn choreography like a song.

Visual Memory.

We learn by watching. Firstly, make sure you can clearly see your teacher demonstrating the steps. Pay attention to the details in their execution. Watching a video of the steps can also be helpful to jog your memory before class or when recapping on your own.

Muscle Memory.

Probably the most important element in retaining steps is *correct repetition; drilling the steps over and over again. This practice will increase your body’s ability to recall steps “automatically.” Once muscle memory kicks in, we free up space in our minds to think about other elements of the dance eg. musicality, movement quality, enjoyment.

Like anything, retaining steps takes practice. Be patient with yourself, apply these tips and enjoy the process of learning.

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